Residential Energy Ratings

HERS Ratings/Blower Doors

Certified Energy Ratings for Builders,
Architects & Home Buyers

Commercial Energy Ratings


Certified Energy Ratings for
Builders & Architects

Manual D, J, & S

Determine appropriate design &
load size for HVAC equipment

45L Tax Credit

Ensure energy rating compliance is
satisfied for 45L Tax Credits

Low-Income Housing
Tax Credit Qualification

Ensure energy rating compliance
is satisfied for Tax Credits

Draw Inspections

Comprehensive on-site reviews allowing
Financial Institutions to confidently fund construction loan advances

Green Certification


National Green Building Standard™
(NGBS) Certification

Pearl Certification

Existing Home Performance

Energy Star & WaterSense Certification

Appliances, Electronics, Lighting & Water Efficiency per EPA guidelines

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Redfox Inspections is an Energy Rating Service Company
in Iowa, Kansas City, & Michigan/N. Indiana

Redfox Inspections is an energy rating and energy consultation company with locations in Iowa, Kansas City, and Michigan/N. Indiana.  We provide a full range of energy rating services for both residential and commercial buildings.  When buying or selling a home or commercial property, having a reputable, qualified energy inspector examine the property provides peace of mind and can also increase the value of a property.

We are fully certified to perform HERS and COMcheck ratings.  We work with contractors to ensure the highest energy efficiency standards in all homes and commercial buildings.  Whether you just want to make your home as healthy as possible or are buying a home that needs improvement and want to ensure the highest energy efficiency standards, choose Redfox Inspections.

Redfox Inspections also works with Pearl Certified contractors on existing homes.  Pearl Certified inspectors provide the highest quality work available when it comes to home inspections and energy ratings.  Pearl Certified homes also sell for 5% more on average, when marked properly.  If you are considering home improvements, looking to buy, or trying to sell, you want the best contractors.  Call us today to schedule a home inspection and learn the many ways to make your home as healthy and energy efficient as possible.

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