Draw Inspections for Lenders

Redfox Inspections has assisted many lenders in managing every phase of the construction lending process.  We provide assurances that your assets are being carefully monitored to ensure that invoices and lien waivers are in line with the work completed on-site, and your funds are disbursed accordingly within the budget.  Whether your construction portfolio consists of residential or commercial loans, our team takes the stress out of construction lending with cost-effective, customized solutions for your needs.

In this economy, protecting your construction loan portfolio is more important than ever.  Contact us to show you how you can put our experience to work for you, with our comprehensive Draw Reports software to keep the financial institution, contractor, and inspector all on the same page throughout the project.

Inspections are a key component of the services we offer.

  • Construction Draw and Status
  • Inspections (Ground-up Residential & CRE, Renovation, and Tenant Improvement)
  • SBA Site Visits (504 and 7A)
  • Insurance Remediation Inspections
  • Renovation Site Inspections
  • FannieMae Homestyle, 203(k)
  • Conventional, limited & comprehensive
  • Clear-Lot Inspections
  • Property Preservation & Monitoring
  • Forensic, Liquidation, and Distressed Asset Inspections

How it works:

Request The Inspection

Input the project budget & upload the relevant invoices and lien waivers for what is included in each draw request.

We Inspect The Project

Redfox Inspections reviews the invoices and lien
waivers against on-site work performed to date to
ensure completion. Photos of work and materials
stored on- or off-site and secured are included.

You Receive A Report

Our detailed findings are put into a concise
report highlighting any issues found during
the inspection; providing the information
needed to protect your investment.

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