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Redfox Inspections is an Energy Rating Service Company
In Kansas City, Western Michigan, and Des Moines, IA

Redfox Inspections is an energy rating and energy consultation company in Kansas City, MO, Western Michigan and Des Moines, IA. We provide a full range of energy rating services for both residential and commercial buildings. When buying or selling a home, having a reputable, qualified energy inspector examine the house can give you peace of mind, and takes much of the stress out of the process.

We are a certified HERS rater in both Kansas City, MO, and Des Moines, IA. We work with contractors to ensure the highest energy efficiency standards in all homes. Whether you just want to make your home as healthy as possible or are buying a house that needs improvement and wants to ensure the highest energy efficiency standards, choose Redfox Inspections.

Redfox Inspections also works with Pearl Certified contractors. Pearl Certified companies provide the highest-quality work available when it comes to home inspections and energy ratings. Certified homes also sell for 5% more when marketed properly. If you are considering home improvements, looking to buy, or trying to sell, you need the best contractors. Call us today to schedule a home inspection, and find out ways to make your home as healthy and energy efficient as possible.

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